Huawei’s introduction of the P30

Huawei’s introduction of the P30 and P30 Pro in recent months, both the front and back of the camera using the video recording feature was announced. However, this feature was not available on the market. The company announced that the EMUI 9.1 and B153 versions are available on both phones.Dual-view video mode for the Huawei P30 family With dual- view video mode, users can simultaneously create split videos using the phone’s primary camera and telephoto lens and see two perspectives on the screen. As a pioneer in advanced camera technologies, Huawei continues to increase the video creativity of its users with such innovative features.Both Huawei P30 and P30 Pro are equipped with dual view video mode to capture video. The dual-perspective Huawei P30 and P30 Pro, together with this completely new feature, allow users to capture large-scale events or a scene in a complete and unique way. To use this feature, simply enter the other part of the camera interface and tap “Double View”. In addition, this feature allows you to shoot both horizontal and vertical videos.Offering professional-quality photo and video capture, Huawei features a dual-view video mode update on the P30 and P30 Pro;

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